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Welcome to FuelConsumptions.com - We hope that you have found everything that you are looking for on this site. If you haven't, please take the time to contact us and provide feedback to help us improve the site.

We are a relativley new website, founded in 2022 at the beginning of the energy crisis when fuel prices have hit all time highs and everyone is needing to save money. As a result people are becoming more and more concious of what they are spending their hard earned money on and just how much their cars are costing to fill up. People are also becoming more aware of the impact that driving cars and vans is having on the planet and global warming and looking for ways to help reduce their impact.

This is where the concept of FuelConsumptions.com came from. We want to help you make informed decisions about the car you buy and help to reduce the impact that driving your car has on the environment. Understanding the fuel efficiency of a car before you buy it is therefore a really important consideration. It's fairly simple, vehicles that have a low fuel consumption use less diesel or petrol, both of these fuels are made from crude oil which we know is going to run out at some point. Understanding the CO2 emissions of a vehicle is also a consideration as cars with higher emission rating are going to have a bigger impact on global warming and climate change.

Our Mission

Save you fuel, save the planet and save you money.

Buying a car that is more fuel efficient will help to cut down on the overall running cost of your vehicle. It means that when you fill up at the pump you will get more miles out of that same amount of fuel compared to a less fuel efficient car and also emmit less CO2 into the atmosphere which will help save the plant for future generations.

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