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How To Improve Engine Efficiency & Fuel Economy

Do you feel like you are spending too much money on petrol or diesel? Want to know how to increase your cars MPG and improve fuel economy? In this guide we have five top tips that everyone can follow to make your fuel go further and help reduce the everyday cost of driving a car or van.

How To Improve Engine Efficiency & Fuel Economy

1. Take care of your car

Your car is a machine with a complex working mechanism, if the parts of the mechanism are in bad condition, it won't work as it was supposed to. Give attention especially to the fuel injector, the air filter, the oil used changing them regularly and using good quality components. Tires are another responsible of increasing or decreasing gas mileage. Check the pressure every week.

2. Be a great driver

And we don't mean with that be a speed racer, but realizing that, as for planes and ships cars also have their own technique that can be mastered, and that means: driving at a consistent speed -not braking a lot and accelerating smoothly, predicting the road so you can avoid stops, a smart change of lane or a slow down while approaching a red light. Also, avoid idling for a long time. Lastly, plan your route in advance to select the quickest, smartest and safest route that avoids traffic.

3. Drive less. Or don't drive.

Don't use your car if you don't need to. We have legs, that are a great technology, and it's healthy to use it. Seriously, stop for a moment and realize how your car has become the good-for-all thing going with you everywhere, almost insanely. Don't get sad for leaving your car behind, he will understand. Instead of it you can use a bike, public transport or walk if you can.

Walking Saves Fuel

If you are starting to think about comfort, well, imagine a big new couch with the money you save on gas! Another good option is sharing your car with friends or neighbours if they go in the same direction. Also, if you need to get to different locations, try to park close to them and make the round walking, and in big parking don't try to park in front of the building where you have less chances of finding place, instead, park away and walk! It's healthy and you will save lot of time finding a place!

4. Take the most out of the fuel

If you need gas, get the cheapest. Prices differ from one station to another, check which one of the closest have the cheapest- but don't drive too far for it or you will waste money on the trip. Also, getting fuel when the temperature is not high or days before the tank arrived at the gas station can help you reducing costs as the fuel is contracted in the moment of buying. Once in your tank, the expansion of the gas can make it last longer. The use of a mechanism to inject HHO on the gas expands it notably and therefore increases the efficiency on -some say- a 40%, that's a great saving. Some people are offering now ways to install this mechanism on your car. It's worth the attention.

5. Lighten the load

Saving Weight Saves Fuel

It makes sense that the heavier the car, the harder the engine has to work to move it. So the lighter your car is the less fuel it will need to run. So removing excess weight from inside the car or the trunk will help reduce the overall weight of the car and improve fuel consumption. Have a look in your boot and see what unnecessary big and heavy items could be removed. This might be your golf clubs, some tools or the kids buggy. These all add weight to your car and mean your engine has to work harder which uses more fuel. So do yourself and your wallet a favour and leave those unnecessary items at home.

Saving Weight is Saving fuel!

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